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Board openings

We are off to an exciting start with the new fiscal year and the initial framework of the 2012-2013 Board is in place. If you are reading this, and would like to get involved
with the leadership of your Chapter, over time we will shape and fill positions for other roles, including:

 Competition Director
 Employment Coordinator
 Newsletter
 Publicity / Public Relations
 Community Relations
 CPE / Attendance Coordinator
 Corporate Development
 Academic Development
 Member Relations Coordinator
 Chapter Member serving on an IMA Global Committee or the IMA Global Board of Directors

This fiscal year we anticipate scheduling a total of eight board meetings. As our board expands,
in addition to the slate of core positions shown above, we will organize into having three additional core
positions: Administration VP, Communications VP, and Education VP. These individuals would ideally
be able to commit to attending most, if not all, board meetings; but for those serving in roles under
those core positions, board meeting attendance would be optional. Join our board soon and you can
help participate in our evaluation of using the Internet based tool Basecamp (
Basecamp will help us streamline board meetings, limit time‐consuming phone conversations, and lots
of back‐and‐forth email that gets too disorganized for a group of people to effectively collaborate on
tasks and projects. If this sounds exciting to you, please contact Dennis Littleford indicating your interests for
becoming involved: We hope you will decide to join our team!